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Organic Tea & Herbs

Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Cannabisöl Seife
Description: Cannabis oil has been widely used since the beginning of the last century. Today, science is reconstituting its many beneficial properties. Hemp oil is a nourishing product that is easily absorbed by the skin and has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-aging and healing propertie..
Ex Tax:8,99€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Kamille & Ringelblume Seife
Description: Chamomile and Calendula handmade cold processed soap is an ideal combination for sensitive skin. Olive oil perfectly respects the pH of the skin and makes it ideal for infants and mothers during the lactation period. According to the Clinical Pediatric Dermatology Journal, olive oi..
Ex Tax:7,90€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Zimt Seife
Description: The cinnamon soap with olive oil is enriched with grated cinnamon which is used to gently exfoliate the skin. Cinnamon is known for the countless benefits it can offer to the body. It removes dead cells from the skin, nourishes the skin leaving it hydrated. It has antibacterial&nbs..
Ex Tax:6,50€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Lorbeer & Rosmarin Seife
Description: Handmade, cold-processed soap. Terra Botanica soap with Laurel and Rosemary, in combination with the miraculous properties of olive oil, will give you the radiance andthe protection you want for your hair and body. Rosemary oil has antiseptic and&..
Ex Tax:6,99€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Olivenöl Kastilie Seife
 Description: Terra Botanica's traditional Castile soap with 100% extra virgin olive oil is an indispensable product for the daily care of the whole family. Its history began around the eighth century A.D. in Mediterranean countries. It is a pure soap with numerous properties thanks to its..
Ex Tax:3,99€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Orange Seife
Description: Soap with Orange essential oil and olive oil is the best solution for moisturizing skin. The beneficial properties of olive oil on the skin are countless. Olive oil nourishes, moisturizes, fights the signs of aging and leaves the skin soft and radiant. Orange essential oil is known..
Ex Tax:7,99€
Brand: Terra Botanica Model: Mohn Seife
                                                                  Description: Cold process handmade soap with extra virgi..
Ex Tax:5,99€